FAQ’s and Other Matters: Installment 1

Boudoir photography is a personal, intimate experience. As fun and amazing as it is, it can also be a little nerve-wracking for many women. In this series of posts, I will share some of the most common concerns and frequently asked questions I get about boudoir sessions and how I answer them. So, as usual, grab a drink and a late night snack, this one won’t take long!

The number 1 biggest concern I hear from women when they inquire about a session is in regard to their size. It makes me mad that our society has put so much pressure on women to be stick thin that we have to question whether we are worthy of an empowering experience like a boudoir session just because we may be housing a little fluff here and there. It also makes me sad because I know exactly what it’s like to not feel good about my size, shape, or gravitational output (aka: weight) and so I can empathize with these women when they voice that concern.

Let me just tell you, no matter what season of life you are in, what that season has thrown at you, and how your body has decided to wear it, you are beautiful. Right here, right now, you are gorgeous.

So the short response to the concern of “am I too big for boudoir” is NO, YOU ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT. The art of boudoir is dependent on posing and knowing how to position a body in the most flattering ways possible. Slender bodies, round bodies, somewhere-in-between bodies, tall bodies, short bodies, ANY bodies just need the right posing. Trust me, the are poses that work for every body, poses that work for some bodies, and poses that work for no body. Whenever this is a concern for a client, we simply discuss the personal features that the client is concerned with or maybe likes just a little bit less than her other features, and then we talk about the different poses we can use to accentuate her favorite features while appreciating her less favorite features without drawing attention to them.

If you have been considering a boudoir experience, but you are not totally comfortable in your skin, send me a message or comment below. Let’s talk about how to use all of your assets to make you look and feel like the rockstar babe that you are!

Until next time,

Keep it REAL 🖤

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