Book It Danno: 5 Reasons to Book Your Boudoir Session RIGHT NOW!

I know, I know, you don’t really need me to spell it out for you, because we all know why we individually want to do a boudoir session. But, let me tell you a few reasons why you really NEED a boudoir session and why you shouldn’t wait any longer!

Sip that drink, nibble that snack, and settle in for a few minutes!

We all have our reasons why we choose to do a boudoir session. Some do it to celebrate recent weight loss, the beginning of a new chapter in life, and even for no reason at all other than they want to. Well here are a few reasons you may not have thought of for why you should go book your session RIGHT NOW!

Reason #1: If not now, when? This isn’t exactly a reason, but more of a question to get you thinking. So ask yourself, if not now, when? What am I waiting for to book my boudoir session? There are certainly some legitimate answers to this question, but more often than not, when I am talking with clients, there is really not a substantial reason to keep putting it off!

Reason #2: Your body will never look this way again. I said it. Regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey, weight gain journey, post-baby body, no-baby body, youthful glow, or curvy strength, your body will never ever be in this exact state again. Personally, I am on a weight-loss journey. Do I love where I am right now? No. But I definitely appreciate where I am in my journey and the amazing things that this body has done over the years. I know many of you are in that same boat and I can promise you that by doing a boudoir session RIGHT NOW, you will have a much greater appreciation for your badass body and all the badass things it can do and has done for you!

Reason #3: Celebrate you, yourself, and whatever season of life you are in. We all like to celebrate, but why don’t we ever celebrate ourselves? We spend so much time putting off taking care of or celebrating ourselves, it is time to stop. Celebrate who you are, what you are (a total badass), and where you are in life at this very moment! Capture the essence of you and enjoy some time to yourself, for yourself! Give yourself the gift of boudoir and celebrate being a woman!

Reason #4: You deserve it! Do I really need to elaborate on this one? If you are like so many women out there, you spend an enormous amount of time doing, giving to, and working for someone else. Be it your kids, spouse, employer, business, or whatever, you rarely take time to do something special just for you. You truly deserve to do this!!

Reason #5: It’s fun! Seriously, boudoir sessions are a freaking blast! I tell stupid jokes, roll around on the floor to get just the right shot, and usually end up tripping over myself because I’m clumsy like that! Anything to get you laughing and help you relax so you can truly have a good time. I’ve also been known to provide wine and snacks at my sessions so I basically just bribe you with treats to come and hangout with me for a while haha!! 🤣

So that is a small list. We all have our specific reasons as to why we do a boudoir session, when we do it, and which photographer we choose. Whatever those reasons are for you, don’t put it off. Do it for you and do it soon!!

Until next time,

Keep it REAL 🖤

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