About Me

Hi! I’m April.

I’m a mom, wife, self-taught (and always learning) photographer, lover of travel and food, super slow but determined runner, and musician.



I was born in England, about 60 miles north of London.

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Music.

I love to write and explore how people communicate with each other.

I LOVE to travel and don’t get to nearly often enough.

Food is my friend and enemy! I’m a terrible baker but I can whip up a delicious meal in no time!

I’m a softy for animals, especially my cats. They are basically two additional children that I didn’t have to birth!

I am former United States Marine, having served 3 years as a Marine Musician–Semper Fi!

My miniature humans are about the two sweetest little people I have ever met. But don’t let the little one fool you, her devil horns are well hidden by her crazy red hair!

My husband is my biggest fan and is just along for the ride in this crazy journey of life!


I take a minimal approach to editing in order to preserve the moment as it happens. This means I do everything possible to get the shot right before I take it! The stories of life happen in the moments we freeze in time. Let me capture your Real Shots today!

I am based in beautiful St. George, Utah but am available to travel! Please fill out the contact form to request a custom pricing proposal based on your unique needs! If photographer travel is needed, please list your desired location and duration for your session. You can contact me here!