The Great Outdoors

One of the best things about living where we do is that we have some of the best scenery on earth and some of the best weather. This means we can do photo session outside almost all year and have amazing backdrops the whole time!

I have shot plenty of family sessions, engagements, landscapes, and even weddings in the beautiful areas of Southern Utah. So when I was presented with the opportunity to shoot at an outdoor boudoir workshop, I naturally jumped at the chance!

I’m obsessed! Outdoor boudoir is the most liberating and empowering experience for a lady. Connection with the earth, connection with yourself, it really doesn’t get any better than that!

This post is short because I really just wanted to showcase some of the amazing images I was able to capture in our short 2 hour workshop. I shot way more than I expected or needed, but I am in love with all of them!

If you have been considering a boudoir session, I encourage you to think about an outdoor session! You can choose “beach” (really just down by the river, but the sand is amazing!), “red rocks,” “white rocks,” or anything else! I’ll be out scouting some new locations over the next few weeks so get your session booked!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from the workshop!!

I Booked My Session…Now What?

Booking a boudoir session can be scary and kind of intimidating. Even more intimidating is figuring out what to do in preparation for your newly booked boudoir session! I was sitting here trying to decide how to put into words what you should do to prepare for your session, and low and behold, I found this gem of an article that was already written!

With help from Lauren Jones of Boudoir by Lauren in Morristown, New Jersey, here is your guide to preparing for your first (or second, third, or seventh) boudoir session!! Sip your favorite drink and enjoy these words of wisdom!

If you’re anything like most women that have contacted me, you’ve considered a boudoir session out of your comfort zone. You probably haven’t been gearing yourself up for the day that you pose half-naked in front of a complete stranger!

Yet, here you are, about to cross off another item of your bucket list, and you have no idea how to prepare.

Not to worry! The truth is, that you don’t have to be a supermodel or have any training whatsoever for a boudoir session. And don’t worry, you don’t have to starve yourself, or workout to utter exhaustion to do a boudoir session. In fact, I encourage the exact opposite! Eat well in the days leading up to your session. Don’t exercise any more or less than you normally do. Be kind to your body, feed it well and don’t over-exert it!

The truth is, you should do a session where you are and as who you are. Right now. These words are bolded because I really want you to understand the truth behind them. We spend so much time thinking that we should be skinnier or prettier or have longer hair or a smaller butt…why can’t we just love us the way we are at this moment? We may not be where we think we want to be, but that doesn’t mean that we should love our bodies any less.

When I started photographing these boudoir sessions, I realized how much confidence these sessions bring to the women who do them. Not because they got into the best shape of their life (although some do book a session to celebrate such victories) but because they wanted to feel beautiful and recapture their unique femininity. Life sometimes sucks that away and leaves us feeling unbeautiful and unfeminine…boudoir is a terrific way to take that back!

Do you know how it feels to discover you’re beautiful as you are, not as you could be?

How do you even prepare for a session now, as you are? What if you want to schedule a session next week? How CAN you prepare? Very easily!

First of all, get excited! This pampering experience is like going to the spa, only you walk away from the experience with EVEN MORE to look forward to in the result of a lifetime of sexy images that you can be proud of!

Secondly, go shopping. Mandatory? No. Frivolous? Possibly. Hype-inducing? Definitely.  I don’t mean going to Victoria’s Secret and buying the skimpiest piece of lingerie that you don’t even want to try on. Go to Forever 21, or that vintage thrift store around the corner, and find some cool accessory that you would never wear in public! This session is about showcasing your unique style and taste. Pick out an old-fashioned corset, a set of fishnet stockings, or those hot pink stiletto peep-toe pumps you’ve been eyeballing for months. Your photographer will probably send you a list of must-have items, but most of those are things you already own, like black panties, and your favorite pair of jeans! Why not pick up a few extras to bring a little more of YOU to the session!

Thirdly, keep your skin healthy. Yes, you read correctly, your skin. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, use moisturizer so you don’t have rough elbows, knees and feet. Don’t go tanning. Trust me, you’ll look way more orange than you expected. You’ll also want to be careful of your tan lines if it’s summer and you’re planning on wearing something that doesn’t follow the same lines as your bathing suit! (Think bikini bottom tan lines in your new g-string…). Also, this one is really important, if you shave or wax your lady regions, please do this far enough in advance so that any redness or bumps will be gone by the time your session happens. Also important, get a manicure and pedicure. The devil is in the details and if the rest of you looks amazing, so should your nails and cuticles!

If your session includes hair and makeup, there’s not much more you need to do! If not, then…

Fourthly, schedule a blow out and hire a makeup artist. Yes, you probably know how to do your own hair and makeup at this point in your life, but trust me. You want a professional who is looking to style you for the camera, not the office. I highly recommend booking your session with hair and makeup included. Again, you don’t want to look like you’re going to the office for the day. You want to look red-carpet ready and most of us do not know how to achieve that look on our own. Plus, why not take advantage of someone else’s ability to pamper you and make you look like a rockstar!!

Fifthly, and most importantly, RELAX. You are most likely going to feel awkward when you first arrive at your session, but your photographer didn’t choose boudoir as their photographic focus without some prior experience! You may start thinking “I should have brought a friend…” but in my experience, you will regret that decision as soon as you start to get into your groove!

You ARE capable of being seductive, beautiful and bold when you allow yourself to be. With a friend present at your session, you may go from feeling secure to feeling reserved once you start!

Lastly, trust yourself. Your session is not going to look like anyone else’s. That’s a good thing. It’s what makes you so beautifully unique and you. Many women have an expectation that makes them hope, but also fear the results of their boudoir session. In the end, though, the session will bring you an experience you didn’t expect, a new found confidence in yourself, and proof that YOU ARE stunning and original, with the photographs to prove it.

(Original post can be found here)

So. Are you ready? Are you ready to be bold, to be real, and to be YOU? If so, reach out and let’s chat! I would love to get to know you, what makes you tick, what is your WHY for doing your session?

Until next time,

Keep it REAL 🖤

Redefining Sexy: The Evolution of Boudoir Photography

So it turns out that women have been getting their pictures taken in their underwear for a while…like a hundred years or so. Who knew!?! In the 1920’s boudoir style was romantic and rebellious. Then in the 1940’s and 50’s, pin-up style was all the rage. As the 20th century rolled and the hipster movement of the 60’s and 70’s, followed by the big hair era of the 80’s, boudoir continued to coast along and just change with the times. Boudoir has continually provided a way for us regular every-day women to, just for a few moments, feel like supermodels.

As the 21st century has dove into its teen years, boudoir photography has continued to change with the times. More so than ever, boudoir now provides an opportunity or an outlet for victims of abuse, cancer patients, and even us tired moms to have an experience that allows us to recapture and redefine who we are in a way that we may not have explored before.

For this post, I am doing something a little different and sharing a post from another source. Creating enough interesting stuff to keep you guys entertained is hard work, but alas, the internet is a vast abyss of available content!! So, as usual, grab a snack, a drink, your favorite fuzzy slippers…and enjoy!

The Daily Beast is an online venue for all sorts of articles and stories. I happened across this one as I was perusing the google-sphere and thought it was a great addition to my site. This article was originally written by Samantha Allen in 2015 and is a fun little lesson in the history of Boudoir photography!

You have probably heard of boudoir photography before. It is, after all, nearly a century old—a testament to the timelessness of the 1920s erotic aesthetic, and proof that a good smoky eye will never go out of style. The grandfather of boudoir photography, Albert Arthur Allen, photographed California women in the nude all through the 1920s, spending much of that decade, as David Bowman writes, locked in litigation for violating the anti-obscenity Comstock Laws.

Photographer Marisa Leigh notes that the boudoir genre has been through several evolutions from the romantic ’20s to the pin-up ’40s to the au naturale ’70s. As long as cameras and women have coexisted, the former have been used to capture the latter in intimate bedroom settings. In recent years, boudoir photos have become popular presents for a bride to give to her groom on their wedding day—a service that wedding photographers provided long before the general public was aware of it.

But now, boudoir photography is quickly expanding outside of the newlywed tradition. I spoke with several boudoir photographers from around the country who attributed the rising popularity of their craft to a single obvious factor: social media.

“In all honesty, I blame the Internet and specifically Pinterest,” Sarah Witherington, who runs OWN: A Boudoir Studio in Atlanta, told me. “So many of my clients come in to see me with a story about how they never knew something like this existed until they were browsing around Pinterest looking for gift ideas.”

Rhiannon, who runs Alloria Winter Photography in San Francisco, attributed her own boom in business to “the growing popularity of visual social media like Instagram and Snapchat.”

“Everyone wants to feel like a model or a celebrity,” she said. “I create that for my clients.”

There is no reliable way to chart the growth of the industry as a whole but, if Google search trends are any indication, heightened interest in boudoir photography is, indeed, synchronous with the rise of Instagram and the resulting democratization of high fashion. In a world awash with grainy selfies, a boudoir photograph is the ultimate statement of personal style.

Witherington’s most memorable clients have been women seeking to overcome personal traumas through her work. One client was a victim of sexual assault who wanted to “take back her sexuality.” Another client asked for a shoot because she was discouraged by years of unsuccessful fertility treatments.

“She told me later that I had helped to bring back her sense of femininity and gave her a reason to feel beautiful again,” Witherington said.

Rhiannon couldn’t even name all of the myriad ways in which her clients have come to choose boudoir: “The reasons are endless: divorce, marriage, cancer victims about to lose their hair or their breasts, breakups, self-confidence—the list goes on.”

Unique stories like these are quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception to the bridal trend. When I first called Miami photographer Erika Nelly, for example, she told me that a woman with three children had just emailed her, asking for a shoot so she could recapture some lost confidence.

“Every woman has beauty and they need to embrace that,” Erika told me. “Curvy women, tall women, short women, women of all shapes and sizes—I think every woman is beautiful.”

Erika described her process to me—how she sees her trade as a way to empower women, and how she tries to tailor her images to each client’s personality. Most women, she says, are skittish at the thought of stripping in front of a stranger so she consults with them in advance and provides wine on the day of the shoot to soothe their nerves. By the time she’s done, she promises, they don’t want to stop.

“There’s something about the boudoir that makes you feel so free,” she said. “Everybody should try it.”

And so, with a little encouragement from my editor, I did.

Erika spoke with me beforehand, asking about my and my partner’s favorite features of myself. Like so many women, the list of things I don’t like about myself—awkward proportions, scars, cellulite, a big nose—is much longer than its inverse. I had a hard time naming positives, but I did anyway, and then immediately began dreading our shoot.

In fact, I tried to get out of it by telling Erika that my only pair of high heels was in storage. No luck. She and I wore the same shoe size so she had me covered. Yippee.

I showed up at Erika’s Miami studio on a Wednesday morning terrified, totally unadorned, and in desperate need of the glass of white wine she poured for me. While we talked, local makeup artist Zunia Mua began doing things to my hair and face that I can only describe as sorcery. I’ve had my hair and makeup professionally done before, but never like this: bouncy curls, painted-on lips, and enough eye shadow to last a goth a month.

Between the alcohol and the false lashes, my eyelids started to feel heavy but a side effect of that sleepiness was a much-needed sense of calm.

But when it came time for me to undress, I suddenly decided there had not been nearly enough small talk. That’s when Erika took over, setting up the studio and making it clear that there would be no turning back. I put on the only presentable lingerie I owned, took a quick peek in the dressing room mirror, and was blindsided by some unexpected self-confidence. I wished that I had a personal stylist and two free hours every morning.

Before I could further scrutinize myself, I clip-clopped into the studio in Erika’s heels to find an ornate cushioned sofa already set up for our shoot.

Posing for Erika required a degree of physical exertion not usually demanded of a stay-at-home writer. It also required a surprising amount of concentration. Forget about rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time. However I was positioned, I had to simultaneously suck in my stomach, pop out my butt, push out my chest, pin my shoulders back, tilt my head toward the camera, and turn up my chin.

On top of all that, Erika’s repeated insistence that I smile—or, as she put it, “Tits and teeth!”—felt gratuitously cruel, but it was for the greater good.

So I persevered, following her instructions to the letter. All told, I hadn’t contorted my body into such awkward positions since testing Cosmopolitan’s lesbian sex tips in these pages last year but, this time around, there was an actual purpose to the pain. Every few minutes, Erika stopped to show me an image on the preview screen, presumably so I would quit complaining and accept the method to her madness.

“See why I did that?” she would ask.

I could see why. It was as if she had performed a magic trick.

I was struggling to hold up my head, my calves were sore from the weight of the heels, and I was sweating from the hot studio lights. But viewed through Erika’s lens, I looked natural, languorously strewn on the couch as if I had been asleep and only just woken up to greet her. The angles that felt so awkward to me looked artful and effortless to her. The camera can be a cruel mistress, I learned, but if you surrender to her vision, she will reward you.

The studio itself was filled with enough vintage paraphernalia to put Zooey Deschanel to shame: a rotary phone, a beach ball in retro colors, and countless other trinkets. When I suggested to Erika that I pose with a whip I had brought from home, she produced her own, superior whip because of course she already had one.

That’s when I relaxed, surrendered to the whimsy of the situation, and let Erika’s prediction come true: Like all of her nervous clients, I turned a corner and I didn’t want to stop. Partway through the shoot, Erika started calling out, “You’re beautiful. You’re gorgeous.” And a funny thing happened. I believed her.

To believe that for even a moment, to be able to hear another woman’s compliment without instinctively deflecting it—that feeling was worth all of the fear I felt in advance.

As a feminist, I’m often torn between critiquing unattainable standards of beauty and resisting a culture that diminishes the value of femininity. When pressed to choose, I care more about the second cause. Looking back, I can recognize the artifice involved in the shoot, of course. I was wearing what felt like 10 pounds of makeup and my hair was curled into a shape that I could never replicate at home. But femininity has personal meanings, too, not just social ones, and there is no better place to explore them than the boudoir.

It’s a cliché to make a claim like this but, no matter how many times women do the same, it never seems to sink in: The shoot was for me first, for my own curiosity and edification. It was only incidentally for my partner, and it was definitely not for the creepy or insulting comments that this article will inevitably inspire.

Boudoir photography isn’t about reaching for a high bar of beauty set by advertising, nor is it merely some vain invention of the Instagram generation. At its best, it’s a womanly takeover of a form that is usually reserved for certain bodies and not others. Red lips, airbrushed skin, and sexy poses are not the exclusive province of supermodels, nor should they be.

Boudoir photography may have become popular on the wings of social media, but it seems to endure because it takes that impossibly high bar and puts it within the reach of all women. Even this weird, lanky journalist.

(original post can be found here)

I hope you all enjoyed this article as much as I did!

Until next time,

Keep it REAL 🖤

Book It Danno: 5 Reasons to Book Your Boudoir Session RIGHT NOW!

I know, I know, you don’t really need me to spell it out for you, because we all know why we individually want to do a boudoir session. But, let me tell you a few reasons why you really NEED a boudoir session and why you shouldn’t wait any longer!

Sip that drink, nibble that snack, and settle in for a few minutes!

We all have our reasons why we choose to do a boudoir session. Some do it to celebrate recent weight loss, the beginning of a new chapter in life, and even for no reason at all other than they want to. Well here are a few reasons you may not have thought of for why you should go book your session RIGHT NOW!

Reason #1: If not now, when? This isn’t exactly a reason, but more of a question to get you thinking. So ask yourself, if not now, when? What am I waiting for to book my boudoir session? There are certainly some legitimate answers to this question, but more often than not, when I am talking with clients, there is really not a substantial reason to keep putting it off!

Reason #2: Your body will never look this way again. I said it. Regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey, weight gain journey, post-baby body, no-baby body, youthful glow, or curvy strength, your body will never ever be in this exact state again. Personally, I am on a weight-loss journey. Do I love where I am right now? No. But I definitely appreciate where I am in my journey and the amazing things that this body has done over the years. I know many of you are in that same boat and I can promise you that by doing a boudoir session RIGHT NOW, you will have a much greater appreciation for your badass body and all the badass things it can do and has done for you!

Reason #3: Celebrate you, yourself, and whatever season of life you are in. We all like to celebrate, but why don’t we ever celebrate ourselves? We spend so much time putting off taking care of or celebrating ourselves, it is time to stop. Celebrate who you are, what you are (a total badass), and where you are in life at this very moment! Capture the essence of you and enjoy some time to yourself, for yourself! Give yourself the gift of boudoir and celebrate being a woman!

Reason #4: You deserve it! Do I really need to elaborate on this one? If you are like so many women out there, you spend an enormous amount of time doing, giving to, and working for someone else. Be it your kids, spouse, employer, business, or whatever, you rarely take time to do something special just for you. You truly deserve to do this!!

Reason #5: It’s fun! Seriously, boudoir sessions are a freaking blast! I tell stupid jokes, roll around on the floor to get just the right shot, and usually end up tripping over myself because I’m clumsy like that! Anything to get you laughing and help you relax so you can truly have a good time. I’ve also been known to provide wine and snacks at my sessions so I basically just bribe you with treats to come and hangout with me for a while haha!! 🤣

So that is a small list. We all have our specific reasons as to why we do a boudoir session, when we do it, and which photographer we choose. Whatever those reasons are for you, don’t put it off. Do it for you and do it soon!!

Until next time,

Keep it REAL 🖤

Client Post: Ms. S

I love posting features of my clients! Of course, with boudoir I don’t always get to post client sessions because I deeply value the privacy of the ladies I get to work with. So when S gave me the green light to post her session, I just couldn’t resist! Grab your drinks and snacks and enjoy learning about this amazing woman and seeing some of her favorite shots from our session!

S is a badass woman of the best kind! She works in construction…yes, you read that correctly, CONSTRUCTION!! I love it when women can break down gender barriers and prove that equality comes in all shapes and sizes! For the record, S is shorter than me, which is not hard to do, but she is a fireball and doesn’t let anything stop her from accomplishing her goals!

Thank you so much for allowing me to be your boudoir photographer! I can’t wait to work with you again!

When I’m Not Shooting Boudoir…

Gasp! What, you mean I use my camera to photograph other things? Why yes, yes I do!
I know it’s pretty much lunch time at the moment, but grab yourself a beverage and mid-day snack and enjoy all of things I like to photograph when I’m NOT photographing my gorgeous clients!

As much as I love shooting boudoir sessions, I also really love taking photos of random things! For example, plants are one of my favorite things to photograph…they don’t talk back, don’t move (unless the wind blows), and I get to explore the outdoors and get fresh air when I shoot them!

So we already know that I like to take pictures of plants. I am kind of picky about the plants though. I like colorful things, or at least things that contrast with those around them. I like odd looking things and things that stand out. For example, I went to Colombia last month and while there, went to a coffee plantation. There were banana trees (super cool!) and from the bottom of the bunches, a heart drops down. So naturally, I took lots of photos of them! There was also some crazy colorful flowers and things so I had a hay day at the plantation…I think I ended up with almost 300 images just from our short visit there!

Another thing I like to photograph when I’m out shooting for fun is architecture. Notably, I love to photograph the LDS (Mormon) temples. Regardless of your religion, I think we can all agree that the temples are beautiful. They are also located all over the world so anytime I plan a trip somewhere, I try to make it to the nearest temple to take photos. That is just a personal project of mine and so far, I have 8 or 9 that I have photographed!

Of course, like any mom, I love to photograph my kids being their quirky selves. They are such hams and either run away from the camera or pull the silliest faces ever when they see it. Sometimes I get a good smile out of them so I just roll with it! I do photograph my cats periodically too…but they don’t cooperate much.

Sunsets are another favorite of mine to shoot. We get some doozies here in Southern Utah. I also try to make it a point to shoot a sunset when I am on the west coast because the ocean is my happy place!!!

So that’s it! Although boudoir photography is where my heart lies with my camera, I do enjoy photographing other things and try to get out and capture them from time to time! Thanks for sticking around!!

Until next time,

Keep it REAL 🖤

FAQ’s and Other Matters: Installment 1

Boudoir photography is a personal, intimate experience. As fun and amazing as it is, it can also be a little nerve-wracking for many women. In this series of posts, I will share some of the most common concerns and frequently asked questions I get about boudoir sessions and how I answer them. So, as usual, grab a drink and a late night snack, this one won’t take long!

The number 1 biggest concern I hear from women when they inquire about a session is in regard to their size. It makes me mad that our society has put so much pressure on women to be stick thin that we have to question whether we are worthy of an empowering experience like a boudoir session just because we may be housing a little fluff here and there. It also makes me sad because I know exactly what it’s like to not feel good about my size, shape, or gravitational output (aka: weight) and so I can empathize with these women when they voice that concern.

Let me just tell you, no matter what season of life you are in, what that season has thrown at you, and how your body has decided to wear it, you are beautiful. Right here, right now, you are gorgeous.

So the short response to the concern of “am I too big for boudoir” is NO, YOU ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT. The art of boudoir is dependent on posing and knowing how to position a body in the most flattering ways possible. Slender bodies, round bodies, somewhere-in-between bodies, tall bodies, short bodies, ANY bodies just need the right posing. Trust me, the are poses that work for every body, poses that work for some bodies, and poses that work for no body. Whenever this is a concern for a client, we simply discuss the personal features that the client is concerned with or maybe likes just a little bit less than her other features, and then we talk about the different poses we can use to accentuate her favorite features while appreciating her less favorite features without drawing attention to them.

If you have been considering a boudoir experience, but you are not totally comfortable in your skin, send me a message or comment below. Let’s talk about how to use all of your assets to make you look and feel like the rockstar babe that you are!

Until next time,

Keep it REAL 🖤

The Value of Self-Care

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. This post isn’t entirely photography related but it is an important topic for us women to discuss. So, as always, grab your favorite drink and settle in!

I recently took a vacation to South America. It was AMAZING! Breathing in the cool, moist Andean air, relaxing in the high elevation of the northern Andes, sipping authentic Colombian coffee, and disconnecting from my normal life for a few days was absolutely wonderful. In some of those amazing moments, a thought occurred to me: I NEEDED this. I truly, deeply needed this–for my own sanity, I needed this escape. And then I thought “why?” Why did I need this escape so badly? Because I don’t often get to just be me and be responsible for just me. This is not a bad thing. I LOVE being a mom, a student, a wife, a business owner, etc. However, the weight of all those things is substantial and sometimes, I need to be able to put it down. I know I am not alone in that.

Most of us are always doing for others. We are moms, sisters, daughters, friends, employees, students, wives, girlfriends, business owners, and a plethora of other things–ALL AT THE SAME TIME! So when do we get to just be…for ourselves? The answer is never! Unless you consciously make the decision to do for yourself, it will never happen.

This is really nothing new. Even in the equality driven world we live in, where women are encouraged to wear many hats, this is not a new phenomenon. Think back to a century ago when women were tending homes, planting gardens, raising children, and sometimes even working outside the home while their counterparts spent the days reaping crops or working in mines or whatever. Women have always worn many hats but not usually one that includes their own well-being.

This needs to change. NOW.

There is a saying that you can’t pour from an empty cup. To elaborate, this means that you MUST take care of yourself before trying to take care of others. Wait, what? Did I really just tell you to be selfish and take care of you first? Yes I did.

Society has it all wrong. We are told to give give give and that we shouldn’t be selfish and that we should always think of others first. I’m here to tell you that mentality is bullshit. We (and by we I mean women AND men) need to reverse our thinking. If we first focus on ourselves–this includes our mental, physical, and emotional well-being–we can then better serve others. Does this make sense to anyone else? Am I alone in this thinking? I know that when I am worn out, frazzled, pulled in 18 different directions, wearing all the hats, and doing for everyone else, I do not give 100%. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I just can’t. I have to have time for myself to recharge, revive, and refocus my energy. This is the only way I can function and actually give 100% to everything I do. I often say that I don’t need to get things off my plate, rather, I just need a bigger plate.

Enter Self-Care.

I’m selfish. Not in the greedy kind of way but in the “I need to focus on me for a minute” kind of way. I’m a mom, wife, student, employee, and business owner. I am always doing something and generally doing it for someone else. This is not okay…unless I also make the time to do something for me, which I do regularly. I get a massage like clockwork every few weeks. My family knows this and they know how important it is to me to have those 2 hours of uninterrupted zen. I get my nails done every few weeks, because it makes me happy to have colorful nails and gives me a few minutes to be pampered by someone else. I stay up after everyone else goes to bed so I can enjoy a little quiet time to myself before wrapping up the day because that is the only time I can have those moments. In that time I may write, read, stare blindly at the TV, or any other number of other things I want to do. The important thing is that that time is all about me. Then I get a good night’s sleep so I can hit the ground running when I put all the other hats back on in the morning.

This is self-care. It looks different for everyone but is critical for success in life. Maybe you like to run or lift weights or do yoga. Maybe you’re an avid reader or watcher of classic films. Some people collect things, some people shop, some people love to meditate. Whatever it is that YOU love, like really deeply on a personal level LOVE, and brings you happiness and rejuvenation, DO IT. And do it frequently.

To come back to our cup. If the cup is empty, you can’t pour from it. But when it is full, you can then serve others a portion of the contents. The same is true for you. When you care for yourself first, your ability to do all the other things for all the other people increases exponentially!

And because I really like metaphors, let me put this another way: When your cell phone battery runs out, your phone stops working (and panic ensues). You plug in your precious device and leave it to recharge for a while without bothering it. When it is fully recharged, it serves you fully and completely without fail, until the battery dies again. Why is it that we give so much love to our phones but neglect ourselves? You are like your phone battery. You need time to recharge on a regular basis so that you can fully and completely live your life and do for others as you desire to do!

Lastly, because I just have to relate this to photography somehow, if you haven’t cared for yourself much lately, perhaps you should contact me to book a boudoir session. Boudoir photography is a fantastic way to recharge and recapture your inner badass and her energy. You get to spend about 3 hours getting pampered and photographed and you get to hang out with my super cool assistant and me the whole time! Invest in yourself, recharge your batteries, refocus your energy, and reignite whatever drives you. Do it for you, do it for those around you. I promise they will notice a difference in you when you make YOU a priority!

Until next time,

Keep it REAL!🖤

Client Post: Ms. T

As part of my plan to take over the world with boudoir photography this year, I plan to start featuring my clients in a blog post to show the world how badass they are. Of course I won’t be sharing ALL the sessions because of privacy and all, but the clients that want to be featured will get a post all their own!

So here is the first one! As always, grab a drink, relax, and enjoy!

This is T. She was so excited for her boudoir session and since it was on Super Bowl Sunday, she came decked out in her favorite team’s gear. Now those that know me, know that I am an avid Packers fan and hater of the Patriots…turns out T is an avid Patriots fan so of course we joked about how bad my team was this last season and how hers was going to the super bowl…again!

T brought a beautiful purple outfit to wear and as a bonus I gave her a few minutes for a second outfit and suggested that she wear her cute Patriots shirt for a few photos and for good luck (apparently it worked because they won…again!).

T is a tough, badass woman. And when she told me a little about her and how she had worked so hard for a very long time to get to a point where she was confident enough to appreciate her body and go for a boudoir session, I was so happy for her. Seriously, I am the world’s biggest cheerleader for anyone who is trying to make a change in their lives. To see her light up as we started moving through her session was amazing!

I know this is a short post but client features will be more about showcasing a few of their images and just giving a little bit about them without being too revealing…we will let the photos do that 🙂

Until next time,

Keep it Real <3