When I’m Not Shooting Boudoir…

Gasp! What, you mean I use my camera to photograph other things? Why yes, yes I do!
I know it’s pretty much lunch time at the moment, but grab yourself a beverage and mid-day snack and enjoy all of things I like to photograph when I’m NOT photographing my gorgeous clients!

As much as I love shooting boudoir sessions, I also really love taking photos of random things! For example, plants are one of my favorite things to photograph…they don’t talk back, don’t move (unless the wind blows), and I get to explore the outdoors and get fresh air when I shoot them!

So we already know that I like to take pictures of plants. I am kind of picky about the plants though. I like colorful things, or at least things that contrast with those around them. I like odd looking things and things that stand out. For example, I went to Colombia last month and while there, went to a coffee plantation. There were banana trees (super cool!) and from the bottom of the bunches, a heart drops down. So naturally, I took lots of photos of them! There was also some crazy colorful flowers and things so I had a hay day at the plantation…I think I ended up with almost 300 images just from our short visit there!

Another thing I like to photograph when I’m out shooting for fun is architecture. Notably, I love to photograph the LDS (Mormon) temples. Regardless of your religion, I think we can all agree that the temples are beautiful. They are also located all over the world so anytime I plan a trip somewhere, I try to make it to the nearest temple to take photos. That is just a personal project of mine and so far, I have 8 or 9 that I have photographed!

Of course, like any mom, I love to photograph my kids being their quirky selves. They are such hams and either run away from the camera or pull the silliest faces ever when they see it. Sometimes I get a good smile out of them so I just roll with it! I do photograph my cats periodically too…but they don’t cooperate much.

Sunsets are another favorite of mine to shoot. We get some doozies here in Southern Utah. I also try to make it a point to shoot a sunset when I am on the west coast because the ocean is my happy place!!!

So that’s it! Although boudoir photography is where my heart lies with my camera, I do enjoy photographing other things and try to get out and capture them from time to time! Thanks for sticking around!!

Until next time,

Keep it REAL 🖤